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Vicksburg Wallpaper-Newspaper

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A genuine example of the July 4, 1863 edition of the Vicksburg DAILY CITIZEN, printed on wallpaper. One of the rarest and most highly prized of all American newspapers, the July 4th issue was printed by occupying troops of the Union Army who found the typeset still intact from the pre-surrender July 2 issue and after some minor alterations of their own, printed a small number of copies to be kept as souvenirs. Their added text is found in the final paragraph and includes some jubilant digs at their Confederate counterparts. These last issues were printed on wallpaper stock, as were being utilized by the Daily Citizen for their circulation, the available stock of any other paper long ago having been exhausted. This example is printed on one of the three wallpaper patterns known to have been used on that day.

Since the July 4th surrender, over 30 reprints have been made of this edition but estimates of genuine and original examples extant range from ten to twenty. The paper is accompanied by a letter from Terrance J. Winschel, Historian of Vicksburg National Military Park stating that after 18 years of service with 50-100 requests yearly, this is only the second example he has authenticated. He includes a nine-point authenticity test, which assists in proper identification of original specimens.

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-133