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Reference Items
Drums & Musical Instruments
Kilbourn Regimental Drum

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Made by William Kilbourn of Albany, New York, this eagle drum is representative of a regulation pattern regimental Civil War drum.  It is 16” tall and 16½” in diameter with original skins and ropes.  The red counter hoops are drilled for rope tensioners and show little wear and only slight losses of paint, commensurate with the drum’s age.  The right-facing winged eagle bears a red bannerol with text: "Regt U.S. Infantry” with arrows clasped in its left talon and a laurel sprig in its right.  Above the eagle’s head are fiery arched clouds capped with a sunburst pattern of five rays and twenty-three stars.  The ash shell is decorated with Kilbourn’s typical tack pattern, a circle with vertical borders on each side.  The background on the face of the drum’s shell is painted infantry blue.

There are no markings on the skins.  Inside the drum is a label: "WILLIAM KILBOURN/SUCCESSOR TO GEORGE KILBOURN /MANUFACTURER OF BASS AND SNARE DRUMS,/TAMBOURINES, BANJOS, TOY DRUMS, &C./ALSO MANUFACTURER OF THE /PATENT GUITAR BANJO / No. 147 CLINTON AVENUE. / ALBANY, N. Y.”  Kilbourn manufactured drums at this location in the early 1860’s and is known to have made drums used by New York infantry regiments.  

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-285

Eagle Regimental Drum - 10th Mass Infantry

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This is a regulation Civil War field drum identified to the 10th Massachusetts Infantry. Label inside drum identifies its maker as John Pollard / Manufacturer of all kinds of / DRUMS / and other / MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / 209 Fulton Street, New York N.Y. Pollard is not listed in any of the reference texts now available and further research may be required. (A 19th century bass drum is held in the Heritage Military Music Foundation Antique Musical Instrument Collection, also made by Pollard, with a maker's label attributing the same address.)

The drum’s maple body is uncut and in fine condition with its original paint, somewhat worn but still clearly visible. The drum body stands 16½” tall and 16½” in diameter. The federal eagle motif is clear, the riband bearing the notation "10th Reg Infantry”. The ropes, skins and tugs are all original. One leather tug is missing and a tear exists on the bottom skin. The counter hoops are original with red paint and the diamond tac design is fully intact. At the center of the bottom tac diamond pattern is a regimental brass insignia fastened to the drum body, "10.”

Of particular interest are notations in original period ink on the area where the top skin overlaps the flesh hoop. Commencing above and to the right of the tac design is the following notation with battle honors: " 10th Massachusetts Infantry - Fair Oaks - Richmond - White Oak Swamp - Malvern Hill - Antietam - Fredericksburg - Chancellorsville - Salem Heights - Gettysburg - Hatcher’s Run - Wilderness - Spotsylvania Court House - Totopotomy - Cold Harbor."

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-181

Snare drum - maker Steven Emory

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Circa 1840's dated eagle snare drum made by Steven Emory, Rindge, New Hampshire. Body of drum is maple with lapped seam, 13.5" high and 16" diameter. Both rims with rich patina, the body of the drum is painted with New England style feather-painting simulated burl wood typical of furniture from the same era. The face of the drum displays a complete American Eagle motif with shield, green stippled background with red/gold sunburst surrounding a hand painted eagle design as seen on other Emory drums of the same period. Outstanding color and patina remaining on the drum and skins. Skins & some of the tugs are original and excellent, ropes likely replaced.

Excellent maker's label, "S.EMERY, RINDGE, N.H." which is visible through the percussion hole. An original stencil appears on the top skins, presumably the drummer’s name, "Chas. N. Paige", possibly Charles N. Paige who served in the 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. Original brass tensioner and tension strings still present on bottom head, not commonly intact on military drums. The maker "S. Emory" is found on pages 41 and 26 (supplement) of American Military Goods, Dealers, and Makers by Bazelon & McGuinn. In addition, this actual drum is pictured in the book "United States Military Drums 1845 – 1865” by G. Craig Caba, plate #15.

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-150

Cavalry Bugle

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This single twist bugle is complete with original pigtail and mouthpiece, its metal uncleaned and untouched. Yellow cavalry lanyard intact and wrapped around top of bugle, with the tassels showing some soiling but in fine condition.

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-149

Regimental Drum - Ernest Vogt maker

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As part of a government contract for 2000 drums in 1864, this eagle snare drum was constructed by Ernest Vogt of Philadelphia.

A stenciled winged eagle is painted over an infantry blue background on the drum's face. The eagle bears a red riband marked "Reg. U.S. Infantry” but is without regimental designation on the left banner. On the eagle’s breast is a traditional American shield. Surrounding his head are twenty-nine six-pointed stars, and above the eagle, the fiery arched clouds are capped with a sunburst pattern of rays. The ash shell is decorated with Vogt’s personal tack pattern, an arrow-circle-arrow design with vertical borders on each side.

Original and uncut, the drum stands 16” high and the drum body is 16½” wide. Skins and ropes are original, with top skin bearing stencil initials (presumably the drummer’s) "G. D." Counter hoops are original red color and drilled for ropes. The drum bears excellent maker’s label "Ernest Vogt, manufacturer of Drums, Banjos, Tambourines, &c. No. 225 Beaver Street, Philadelphia, Contract, December 29, 1864.”

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-148

9th Mass Infantry Drum by Haynes, Boston

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Eagle Regimental Drum - 9th Mass Infantry. This is a Civil War dated presentation drum identified to the 9th Massachusetts Infantry. Label inside drum identifies its maker as Massachusetts Drum Manufactory - John C. Haynes & Co. Boston. Haynes supplied drums to Civil War regiments from 1863 - 1865 and was known to use the more dramatic eagle motif of the official Army discharge documents as seen on this drum, termed "the landing eagle.” The drum’s 12½” height and 14½" diameter, dark maple rims and shell and brass reinforcing tacks at the shell seam are all characteristic of surviving examples of Haynes drums. The drum's most striking aspect is the originally painted full color eagle landing on the American shield and panoply of arms and flags. A white twisting riband contains the regimental marking, "9th Mass Vols." Twin red banners on opposing sides of the eagle motif carry battle honors: "Peninsula, Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Virginia 1863, Wilderness (where they suffered 160 killed and wounded on the Orange turnpike in an hour’s fighting.)" The 9th Mass was present at each of these battles. They also fought at Hanover Court House, Mechanicsville, Gaines’ Mill (167 killed and wounded) and Malvern Hill (93 killed and wounded). After the battle honors were marked on this drum the 9th was later severely engaged at Spotsylvania Court House with many casualties.

Original fine braid ropes of presentation quality remain intact; both skins are original with two minor splits on bottom skin, brass tensioner and gut snares are also present, counter hoops in sound condition with minor losses to top hoop, likely caused by drummer's rim tapping. Accompanied by original sling and drumsticks. A great drum identified to a hard fighting Irish regiment.

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-109